Product Name : Spinning Rings & Ring Traveller

A.B. Carter India Ptv. Ltd. A joint venture with AB Carter Inc. U.S.A. has set up a state of Art facility, for the sole objective of offering superior Rings Travellers Solutions, for the Indian, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh markets.

The manufacturing facility is equipped, with cutting edge technology for Machining, heat treatment, metal finishing, laboratory equipment for metallurgical, chemical analysis. With ISO 9000-2001, TUV certification.


Magnum Ring : The Magnum finish is Carter’s latest development in Maximizing performances for high speed spinning. This superior surface finish finish is designed to offer longer service life of the ring while enhancing the traveller performance even in the most demanding spinning conditions.

Spartan Ring: The Spartan finish is suitable for medium Speed Spinning of any type of yarn. University accepted for all types of Ring Frames and Doubling Frames. The surface finish assists in anti corrosive performance. Available in CR & Anti Wedge profile.

Ring Traveller:

Jet : jet type Ring traveller provide Superior finish, with a core deposition through out the surface of the entire Ring traveller, having lubricating properties, ideally suitable for the new generation Rings.

Supreme: Plated nickel finish with a high resistant wear surface suitable for any type of yarn.

Excellent performance on 100% cotton, cotton blends and synthetic fibers.

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