Product Name : Breaker & Finisher (Auto Leveler) Draw Frame

Tianmen Textile Machinery Co. Ltd is a draw frame Manufacture and a national high-tech enterprise. It holds many patents on draw frame machine and enjoy the title of ‘Draw Frame Specialist’ in textile industry. The main products of company are series of draw frames with fully independent intellectual property right under “Tianhe” BRAND: FA305C, FA315, FA317A, FA381A, TMFD81L, TMFD83, TMFD101L and so on, which can meet various requirements of users. Apart from conventional breaker draw frame Tianmen producing servo based high accuracy auto leveler finisher draw frame.

Through the continuous technical reform and innovation, the company has realized the key processing equipment CNC controlled, introduction the digital technology for products and it technology for company management. Today’s Tianmen is the largest Draw Frame Machinery Maker in the world.

Principle : Tianmen

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