Hebei Yiqun Textile Machinery Co. Ltd.

Hebei Yiqun Textile Machinery Co. Ltd. Started their journey with very new thought in textile industry. New innovative ideas and unique technology makes them one of the most successful roving frame maker in textile industry. The roving frame of YQFJ467/486 is developed on FA series roving frames. The industrial computer, frequency speed adjustment, CCD tension adjustment and data storage technology have been adopted. The traditional cone drum structure, differential structure and reversing devices have been removed. The frequency system is used instead of the traditional drafting system, then all the change gears except the drafting gears have been removed. Therefore, this machine is the most advanced mechanical-electrical integration of four motors high speed suspended roving frame. The closed loop system controls the four motors to operate the drafting, twisting, winding and lifting of the rail separately so as to avoid the defects of to much tension differences and inaccuracy of cone drum building and realize the functions of no package collapse, no fineness, doffing at fixed length and location, power off protection and ATM network interface etc. It is suitable for pure of blended processing of carding or combed fiber and artifical fiber.

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