CRF is a company which has been engaged in manufacturing & marketing spares for ” AUTO CONER ” Winding machines for over 25 years.

We are specialist for ” AUTO CONER ” Winding machine spares of 107-138-238-338 and Murata Mach-cones winding machine etc. During past few years, We introduced spares for “SAVIO AUTO CONER” Winding machines. Our volume of exports has increased years on years, due to the satisfaction of our clients at home and abroad. Now “AUTO CONER” Winding machines spares for all model equal to original standard as well as some original imported parts are available to overseas countries through us on recent liberalisation of Import-Export policy by the Indian Government. Our aim is to supply all parts to our client’s satisfaction and doing so, we are able to reduce the annual cost of spares for the above winding machines.

This is a “WIN WIN” Situation for every one concerned.