To be a globally respected high performance organization offering sustainable solutions in energy and environment.

Sustainable Solutions

From Cooling to Heating, from Power Generation to Air Purification, form Water and Sewage Treatment to Specialty Chemicals, THERMAX Solutions are improving life at work in many ways.

Every year THERAMAX helps generate 6,000 MW of Power, produce 100,000 tons of steam, provide 1 million tons of Cooling and treat 1,000 million litres/day of Water and Waste.

THERMAX today is a major Engineering and Environment company with revenues of USD 800 million and with market capitalization of over USD 1 billion.

THERMAX was one of 20 Indian companies in Forbes list of “Asia Best Under a Billion Companies” in 2005 and 2006 and was ranked “No. 1 among the top 21 wealth creators” in India over the last 5 years by a leading investment journal.

THERMAX brings to customers enriched experience of industrial applications, and expertise through technological partnerships and strategic alliances.

Operating from its Headquarters in Pune (Western Inida ), Thermax has built an international sales & service network spread over South East Asia, Middle East, Africa, Russia, UK and the US. It has full fledged ISO 9001:2000 ad ISO 14000 accredited manufacturing setups.

Cooling & Heating Division – Cooling SBU

The Cooling SBU of THERMAX promotes Vapor Absorption Chillers as a cost effective and environment friendly alternative to electricity driven compression chillers.

It offers expert solutions in Process Chilling & Air Conditioning for industrial as well as commercial applications. Cooling SBU’s Strength lies in customized solutions as per the requirement of customers.

Unlike electrical chillers, Absorption Chillers are powered by heat. These machines can run on a variety of heat sources, e.g. steam, hot water, liquid/ gaseous fuels, exhaust gases and/ or a combination of above.

THERMAX – Conserving Energy, Preserving the Environment

Vapor Absorption Technology from Thermax is at work for clients in more than 50 industries including Pharmaceuticals, Chemicals, Fertilizers, Textiles, Petrochemicals, Food & Beverages and Automobile industries as well as in Hotels, Commercial Complexes, Shopping Complexes, Office Building, Educational Institutes, Airport and Cinema halls.

Manufacturing capabilities of Thermax’s Cooling SBU are confirmed by the fact that, over the years, Thermax has installed numerous machines in more than 70 countries including USA, Germany, Spain, UK, Italy, UAE, Saudi Arabia, India, China, Australia, Thailand, Philippines, Malaysia, Russia and Nigeria with the products conforming to the respective country standards like ETL, CE, TUV, DNV, ASME etc. Thermax has its fully owned subsidiaries namely Thermax Inc. in USA, Thermax Europe Limited in UK and Thermax Cooling and Heating Engg. Company Limited in China.

Thermax believes in efficient and responsive services to it’s clients and exhibits in it’s way of business, by giving optimal and quality solutions and achieving customer delight. Thermax has a worldwide sales, service and distribution network to fulfill the needs of it’s valuable customer.

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